Research Project

Video Transcript

Welcome to Research Project at Thebarton Senior College.

Research Project is a compulsory subject you, need to complete it to get your SACE, but what your research is up to you. You might like to investigate something you’ve always been curious about or build your skills and knowledge in something you like or that helps you in a future career.

How you show your learning is up to you; you can write it or speak it, but you can be creative and make something, or be practical and build something. Research Project helps to build your study skills including your reading writing and referencing. It also helps your critical thinking about the things you are learning and where you are learning them from. But research project isn’t just about helping with school, you learn to make the best decisions for you, as well as how to overcome challenges and build your confidence.

This is your opportunity to learn the way you want to and talk to experts or inspirational people.

Most importantly, you get to take risks and be rewarded for trying, as something that doesn’t work out you can reflect on it, because in this subject it’s not always about having or being the best but about how much you show dedication and forward thinking.

So if you have an idea, or something you want to know, no matter how small you think it is, the chances are you can make a Research Project.

Have a look at what other students have done and talk to one of the many research project teachers about your ideas or any questions you might have you.

Subjects in Research Project

If you have questions about this learning area, please contact the faculty leader.