Aboriginal Studies

Why should I study Aboriginal Studies?

Aboriginal Studies is a great subject for developing your English skills, learning more about Australia and developing your analytical skills. It helps you understand Australia’s First People and how their history and culture are interwoven into our national identity today.          

Where does Aboriginal Studies lead?

Studying Aboriginal Studies can help you follow a career in:

  • Community Services                                
  • Social Work
  • Public Service
  • Government

University of South Australia tertiary options:

University of Adelaide tertiary options:

Flinders University tertiary options:

What work will I do in Aboriginal Studies?

There are a range of topics to choose from and here are some examples of student work.

What do other students think about Aboriginal Studies?

This is a great subject to learn about Australia’s First Peoples. I really enjoyed researching about their past and how they contribute to society today.


If you like reading, writing and history, then this is the course for you, as the research helps to improve your literacy and development of English as well as learning about Australia in the past and present.


Where can I find more information about Aboriginal Studies?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information:

Who teaches Aboriginal Studies?

Jess Mosca