Business Innovation

Why should I study Business Innovation?

In Stage 1 Business Innovation, students will take a customer-centred approach to solving social, environmental and economic problems, while developing their entrepreneurial and design-thinking skills.

At Stage 2, students will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with successful Adelaide entrepreneurs in order to understand how entrepreneurship works in a local context, and develop their skills in running their own business.

Business Innovation at all year levels involves students ‘learning through doing’ using a range of design thinking tools, methodologies and processes. It is a dynamic, fun, and challenging environment where students will develop their ability to generate viable business solutions for real-world problems.

SACE Stage 1 Business Innovation is a one semester 10 credit subject, and Stage 2 Business Innovation is a two semester 20 credit subject.

Where does Business Innovation lead?

The skills learned in Business Innovation are broadly applicable across a range of industries, but can lead you to further study or work in:

What work will I do in Business Innovation?

You will be guided through structured design-thinking assignments that will help you learn how to assess real world problems, brainstorm and evaluate a variety of solutions, understand customers, and develop and validate prototypes using a range of methodologies.

Assessment tasks will involve:

  • working collaboratively to test and refine solutions
  • analysing financial and business information
  • developing a business model and plan
  • developing and delivering a pitch

Business Innovation is designed to stretch your creative and critical thinking and develop problem-solving skills, while using a range of information and communication technologies.

What do other students think about Business Innovation?

While this has been my hardest subject, it has also been the best. I have learned a lot about business in today’s world and now want to study it at uni.

Business Innovation is great to develop your creative thinking skills, and I also loved meeting entrepreneurs and working on projects for them which really makes you feel like you are doing real work.

Where can I find more information about Business Innovation?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: