Car Care

Why should I study Car Care?

This subject will give you a sound introduction to the automotive industry. You’ll learn how cars and engines work and how to maintain your own vehicle. You will develop an understanding of the systems in cars, and learn how to fault-find and repair parts of a vehicle.

We have a vehicle and number of motors on site that we maintain and use for many of the practical activities in this subject. You’ll look more widely at buying a car, running it, and the responsibilities of owning a car.

Where does Car Care lead?

This subject is a good starting point for studying Stage 2 Automotive Technologies, or going into an automotive VET certificate. It will also introduce you to some of the skills and knowledge needed for a job in the car industry.

What work will I do in Car Care?

You will look at different types of vehicles and fuels, how to make a budget and get finance when buying a vehicle, and some of the checks and maintenance required when running a car.

Where can I find more information about Car Care?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information:

Who teaches Car Care?

Peter Bowen