Grammar and Writing

Why should I study Grammar and Writing?

Grammar and Writing is very useful for all students learning English as an additional language, as clear writing and accurate grammar are essential skills for further study and for many employment pathways.

Where does Grammar and Writing lead?

The development of writing skills benefits students’ work in all current and future studies and in the workplace.

What work will I do in Grammar and Writing?

In this class you will develop your writing skills and your ability to use accurate English grammar. You will do a project assignment in which you will research and interview people in your community to find out information that will be presented in a written report. You will also develop a folio of work to document your progress with your research. Throughout the semester, you will develop grammar and writing skills which are necessary for success in SACE. Assessment is based on your contract of work, folio of evidence, project presentation and reflection.

What do other students think about Grammar and Writing?

I improved my grammar and writing skills and learnt how to research for my Community Studies project.  It was a good class.  The teacher was very helpful and explained things very well.


I need to improve my English to get a job and to write emails if I get a job. That’s why I’m taking a course like Grammar and Writing. It’s really helping me because I learn skills about writing longer sentences more clearly and about the structure of different types of reports and essays.


Where can I find more information about Grammar and Writing?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: