Why should I study English?

English helps you explore and analyse social issues through to personal interests, and assists in gaining the skills required for deeper thinking about our lives.

You learn how to express your opinion and communicate better. Lessons often involve class discussions that help with speaking and self-confidence. English can also encourage debate and respectful responses to current issues.

English will develop your critical thinking skills by understanding other perspectives, and thinking about the purpose and meaning of different texts. It builds your skills in clearly expressing your ideas, which is a necessary skill in any form of further study.

Where does English lead?

Studying English is essential for any pathway. Knowing how to communicate effectively, by considering who you are talking to and the goal of the conversation, will assist you in your study and work life. Being able to evaluate concepts and situations, and be confident to create and share your own ideas, will help you succeed. These skills are invaluable in our information-rich world where traditional careers are changing far more quickly than we can predict. If you are interested in studying at TAFE or university, in research, politics, human rights, or media and communications, then this course will be incredibly useful.

What work will I do in English?

You will respond to texts (usually in the form of analysis). Texts can include novels, film, media, poetry and drama texts. You will also analyse how authors communicate to their audience, with an emphasis on how language helps us understand ideas and different perspectives.   

You also get to create your own texts, sometimes in traditional formats, like story writing and passionate speeches, but also in other styles like journalism or film making.

What do other students think about English?

English is important for everyone; it broadens your knowledge on certain things you thought you knew, and helps to open your mind and think about things you wouldn’t normally observe. Because I want to be a teacher, I feel like this is something definitely important for me to be studying.

I believe I have improved at writing essays, taking time to read over and edit my notes and making sure I don’t leave anything to the last minute which I do have a bad habit of.

I have definitely improved in my analysis skills… we get pushed in English to try different types of writing techniques.

You learn how to structure sentences, and write essays and paragraphs properly, because you’ll need it in university or TAFE (if you choose to go). English helps in pretty much any job you plan on having in the future. Most jobs will have an aspect of report writing.

Where can I find more information about English?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: