Fake News and Fact Finding

Why should I study Fake News and Fact Finding?

This brand new subject is based on an acclaimed University of Washington course, created by Carl T Bergstrom and Jevin West. The course is designed to develop students’ ability to critically examine claims in the news, advertising and on social media, for falsehoods, bias and deception – fake news.

The course will have a focus on statistical methods and how data is used and abused, understanding correlation and causality, scientific misconduct in research and publication bias, understanding and identifying bias, credibility, and the validity of sources of information.

We aim to give our students the best chance of navigating this morass of falsehoods and trickery and to pass that knowledge on to friends and family.

Where does Fake News and Fact Finding lead?

The skills you will learn in this subject will help you with researching and analysing sources in all of your subjects at Stage 2, especially in the Research Project. These skills will continue to help if you go on to further study and will be useful skills throughout your life!

What work will I do in Fake News and Fact Finding?

Students will analyse sources of information to either debunk them or show why they can be trusted. You will learn how surveys can be misleading by constructing your own surveys designed to manipulate the emotions of the respondent and get the response you want. You will examine news stories and social media posts to determine their truthfulness. Data manipulation and statistical analysis will be a strong focus of the course. The most important thing we will do is construct a “toolbox” of techniques and websites that will help us and others to learn to spot fake news and successfully disprove it.

What do other students think about Fake News and Fact Finding?

It sounded interesting and it is important that people know how to spot fake news.

Jessie & Shayli

It is good to have the tools and knowledge to be able to be cautious online, to identify lies and to teach others.


Where can I find more information about Fake News and Fact Finding?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information:

Who teaches Fake News and Fact Finding?

Matt Paxton