Game Design

Why should I study Game Design?

Have you got an interest in designing games but don’t know how to propose and test an idea? Then this subject is for you!

Learning about the design process and entrepreneurship will provide you with skills you can use in many creative jobs, and the initial building-blocks to build your own business. You do not need and will not learn Visual Art or Visual Design skills for this subject. Instead, you will come to understand what engages people in ‘play’ and how to create engaging and deliberately challenging user experiences in Games (both digital and tabletop).

This subject is about designing game mechanics and experiences – if you are interested in Concept Art, 3D Modelling or other visual skills, consider our Screen and Media Certificate.

Note: While you don’t need programming skills for this subject, if your interest is in Digital Games, it’s strongly recommended you enrol for the full Game Design Package.

Where does Game Design lead?

Games Design is a Design, Technology and Engineering course with a focus on Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions. It provides knowledge, experience and skills to pursue any course at university in the area of Media, Design and Arts. Other pathways include VET courses (such as at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE)). Potential occupations for graduates with general design and user experience design skills are:

  • Augmented/Virtual Reality Experience Designer
  • Business Analyst
  • eLearning Designer/Developer
  • Games/App Designer
  • Games/App Tester
  • Multimedia Designer/Developer
  • Web Designer
  • UX (User eXperience) Analysis/Designer
  • UI (User Interface) Designer

What work will I do in Game Design?

You will develop your skills and knowledge in the design of a Game Design Concept. This includes finding an audience, considering the assets required and looking at theories such as what makes a good Game Loop.

You will look at issues surrounding design mechanics and game design.

You will develop a final Game Design through game-play testing and present it as a ‘paper prototype’ or similar.

Where can I find more information about Game Design?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: