Information Processing and Publishing

Why should I study IPP?

Information Processing and Publishing focuses on applying practical skills to provide creative solutions to personal text-based communication tasks. Students create both hard copy and electronic text-based publications and evaluate the development process.

This course is useful for every student as you will continue using computers throughout your education and for most of you, well beyond this, both in your working life and personal life.

Students study the following:

Personal Documents

This involves the use of computer hardware and software to present and display personal documents for the purpose of communication. Examples include essays, letters, reports, flyers, menus, invitations and three-fold brochures.

Business Documents

This involves the use of computer hardware and software to present and display material for the purpose of communication. Examples include letters, business reports, agendas, minutes of meetings, invitations, menus and itineraries, folded booklets and mail merge letters.

Where does IPP lead?

IPP can lead you to further study or work in:

  • Office Administration
  • Design
  • Advertising
  • Publishing
  • Promotions

What work will I do in IPP?

You will learn skills in design and layout of personal and business documents. You will follow the Design Principles (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity) and the Design Process (Investigating, Devising, Producing and Evaluating) to create these documents.

What do other students think about IPP?

IPP is amazing because we learn so many skills that we can use in our further studies and life. I didn’t realise how many features MS Word has. This course shows you more advanced features of Word, Publisher and Excel.


IPP is very important for every student as it teaches you skills for your life in computing. It has allowed me to also help other students in their computing work when they didn’t know how to do something in a Word document. IPP has given me confidence in using Microsoft programs such as Word, Publisher and Excel.


Where can I find more information about IPP?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: