Society and Culture

Why should I study Society and Culture?

If you’re the sort of person who wants to know about the world we live in, why it is that way, and how you as a person fit into our world, then Society and Culture might be for you.

Society and Culture isn’t a subject that you take as a ‘means to an end’. It’s a subject you take because you know there’s more to the world than straight pathways and you need to know everything there is to know about them. Other subjects might be about giving you a few options in life; Society and Culture gives you the clarity and understanding to use all of those options to your best advantage to navigate an increasingly complex world, due to the interplay of culture, technology, law and human rights.

When studying Society and Culture, you will investigate, critique and analyse social and cultural issues that have mattered in the past, that matter right now and will matter far into the future. Human rights, prejudice, law, and social change are among the topics studied. Importantly, you will have the freedom to investigate issues that matter to you the most.

Where does Society and Culture lead?

This course could lead to careers in: Government, Indigenous and Refugee Agencies, Aid Work, Advocacy, Research, Journalism, Politics, Teaching and Education, International Studies, Cultural Arts and Social Media.

What work will I do in Society and Culture?

What do other students think about Society and Culture?

Learning about Society and Culture wasn’t something that was in my mind, but it has inspired me a lot. Students traverse and investigate societies, cultures and the environment and advance their skills and knowledge. It enables them to understand how the effectiveness of society inspires others.


I like the way the teacher explained the information to us; Society and Culture helps me understand more and more about Australian society and cultures.


I enjoy Society and Culture because it is different from the rest of my subjects. Also, it helps me to understand people and society. I use the knowledge I learnt from Society and Culture in my home, in college and even in soccer.


I find this subject interesting. It gives me freedom to think about and investigate multiculturalism and contemporary issues in Australian society.


Where can I find more information about Society and Culture?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: