BSB30220 Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business

Why should I study Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business?

Got a great business idea? Are you innovative, hardworking and you want to embark in the world of business?

This is a course that will give you an overview of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what is needed to run a compliant and effective business. 

Where does Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business lead?

Students who have undertaken this in the past have:

  • explored their own business pursuits
  • utilised their understanding of what it takes to run a business and become an engaged and supportive employee
  • enrolled in marketing, business and entrepreneurial degrees at university

What work will I do in Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business Operations?

Understanding of the operations and management of tax, regulations, insurance requirements, marketing and finance will facilitate you getting your ideas ‘off the ground ‘and out into the world.

We learn in a collaborative and unique way. We work in business teams to explore and apply those vital operational requirements.

Our vision is to allow you to grow your potential business ideas, so that you can be both effective and compliant in a competitive business environment.

What do other students think about Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business?

I have gained great knowledge and practical skills. I have found this to be my best subject. I like the way we learn together and I have been able to contribute to business conversations with my family and friends.


Analysing my business as a class has helped me find better ways of marketing my business. I gained so much from having others investigate better ways of using social media to promote upcoming events and activities.


Practical course – great class – I like learning and working with others from different schools. I found that the best.


The hands-on presentations experience and in class interactions forced you to develop skills by stepping out of your comfort zone.


The way I learnt to do business presentations helped me in other subjects as well.


I enjoy the environment and class. Attending Thebarton once a week is something I like doing. I also like how people help each other.


We got to hear from young business people about the important networks and concepts they didn’t have or fully understand before going into business. They were very honest with us and I liked that.


We learn and interacted differently than we do at our own school. I like this better.


The facilitator is supportive. The course provided great leaning and skills, in and out of the business subject.


Where can I find more information about Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: