Chinese (Background Speakers)

Why should I study Chinese (Background Speakers)?

As we know, Chinese is spoken by over 13 billion people in China and is the major language of communication in Taiwan and Singapore, and it is widely used by Chinese communities throughout the Asia Pacific region, including Australia.



Chinese (Background Speakers) is designed for students who have a background in the language and who have had more than one year’s education in a country where the language is spoken.


Where does Chinese (Background Speakers) lead?

The study of Chinese gives access to an important cultural and linguistic heritage. Studying Chinese can also provide a pathway for students into post-secondary options. These options may include employment in the domestic or international economy in areas such as tourism, technology, finance, services and business.


What work will I do in Chinese (Background Speakers)?

What do other students think about Chinese (Background Speakers)?

Learning Chinese at Thebarton Senior College allows me to get a better understanding of Chinese language and culture which has been passed down for five thousand years. Through learning the language and culture, I have become more appreciative about values and educational ideas of both countries. In addition, learning Chinese has cultivated my thinking ability in languages – both in Chinese and English. I also have realised that Chinese thinking is different from English thinking.


By learning Chinese, I believe that I will have a better understanding about how to use Chinese to communicate with Chinese people in Australia and learn about Chinese culture. Learning Chinese can also give me an opportunity to get a better job in the future.


As a student who has been studying Chinese at Stage 2, I think learning Chinese has helped me to improve my learning skills in other subjects. As a native speaker, I believe that learning Chinese can enhance my cultural perception of my own culture. Secondly, learning Chinese in Australia also allows me to better understand the differences between Chinese and Western cultures. Learning Chinese has also improved my analytical and evaluation capabilities. I feel my critical thinking skill has been developed for my future study and career.


Where can I find more information about Chinese (Background Speakers)?

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