English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Why should I study EAL?

Having good English language skills is important, as English is the language of work and study in Australia. SACE EAL subjects enable you to develop your ability to understand, speak, read and write English, while you are studying for your SACE. Studying EAL will help you in your current and future studies, and if you decide to enter the workforce, the English language skills you learn will be very valuable.

Where does EAL lead?

Stage 1 EAL: Once you are ready to start Stage 1 of your SACE, you can study Stage 1 EAL for two semesters. This will further develop your English language skills and prepare you for Stage 2 studies. You will complete the compulsory literacy requirement of the SACE.

Stage 2 EAL: At Stage 2, we offer you a choice of two Stage 2 subjects. One is called Stage 2 Essential EAL and this does not have an end of year exam. The other is called Stage 2 EAL and it does have an end of year exam.

Both of these courses will develop your English language skills and prepare you for tertiary study, and they both contribute to your ATAR.

What work will I do in EAL?

In all EAL subjects, you will study English as a language and use your language skills to produce both written and oral texts. These include oral presentations, short video clips, creative texts (such as letters, news articles and speeches), as well as academic texts (such as persuasive essays, interactive orals and information reports that require research). In addition, you will analyse how language is used to influence and persuade an audience.

Stage 2 subjects have an externally assessed task. In Stage 2 Essential EAL, this is a Language Study done during the year which analyses the use of language in a specific type of text. In Stage 2 EAL, it is an external exam done at the end of the year.

What do other students think about EAL?

As English is my third language, it was hard for me to adjust, but being in this class with other people from different backgrounds, I felt confident to carry on. I loved how the teachers are supportive and always there to help us.


EAL was one of my main subjects at Stage 1 and 2. I’d highly suggest this subject to all new arrivals and students whose English isn’t their first language, regardless of any plan they have after finalising their secondary years of schooling.


EAL is a course for those who want to develop skills such as grammar, speaking, how to write a language study and to improve their writing. I recommend this course to other students, as I am sure it will be as effective for them as it has been for me.


I like this subject because it helps me improve my English. It will help me in the future to have great grammar and speaking skills, which will help me with my career and other activities.


Where can I find more information about EAL?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: