Essential English

Why should I study Essential English?

Studying English is essential for any pathway. Developing your confidence in how to communicate effectively can assist in many jobs that require clear communication, as well as assisting you in all aspects of your life. Being able to build the skills to begin to evaluate concepts and situations, and grow your confidence to create and share your own ideas are valued by both employers and universities. Studying Essential English is great preparation for a confident and bright future, both in your personal life, and your future work life.

Where does Essential English lead?

Essential English can be very good preparation for important jobs in South Australia’s growing hospitality and retail sector, but is also important for many other jobs all over the world. If you are interested in further study at TAFE, or even university, then Essential English can assist you in being successful in these choices. However, it is also highly valuable to build your confidence and to generally develop your communication skills.

What work will I do in Essential English?

Work in Essential English is designed to be flexible and engaging, while still building on your writing and analysis skills. You will explore film, podcasts, short-stories and media texts, and have the opportunity to create your own texts that might include writing a fictional story or producing a film trailer. Where possible, we try to make Essential English an experiential subject, so you could also have the opportunity to go on excursions that might include the Art Gallery, Writers Week, or going to see live performances.

What do other students think about Essential English?

English was one of my favourite subjects to study as it taught me how to use my imagination to creatively solve problems, and instilled the confidence to communicate in an educated, clear manner. These skills allowed me to further develop my passion for creative writing, which led me to study advertising/copywriting at an agency. English is one of those rare subjects that teach both technical and creative skills, which makes it an extremely valuable subject for everyone to do, no matter your strengths.

Where can I find more information about Essential English?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: