English Literary Studies

Why should I study English Literary Studies?

Studying English is essential for any pathway. Knowing how to communicate effectively, by considering your purpose, and who you are communicating with, will assist you in all aspects of your life. Being able to evaluate concepts and situations, and be confident to create and share your own ideas, can apply to anything you do during and after school, in your personal life, in any further study, and in any career. Undertaking English Literary Studies is a means of equipping yourself with sought-after analytical skills that are vital in a range of future studies and careers.

Where does English Literary Studies lead?

English Literary Studies will give you opportunity to delve into some of English literature’s most treasured novels, plays, poetry and films, providing ample opportunity to deepen your analytical and critical reading skills, while broadening these into the area of critical perspectives. This course develops key critical thinking and creative analytical skills vital in a range of tertiary study and career pathways.

What work will I do in English Literary Studies?

You will read, analyse and respond to a range of shared class texts of differing types: a play, a novel, a film and poetry. One of these analytical tasks will involve approaching the text from a range of critical perspectives. You will undertake two creative tasks in text types of your choice, one of which will be transformative. Further to this, you will do two externally assessed tasks: a comparative text study involving one of our shared texts and another literary text of your selection along with a critical reading exam.

What do other students think about English Literary Studies?

Personally, I love any creative writing tasks. The course allows such a wide opportunity for creativity and choice, and it’s wonderful to have that support when producing something new.

English Literary Studies explores the skills and evaluation necessary to hone both critical and creative thinking. It pushes your ability to analyse and create as well as pushes you to delve further into topics that you wouldn’t have previously discovered.

Being such an analytical subject, English Literary Studies has allowed me to explore in-depth both how renowned authors use particular techniques, and how they can be applied to our own work. The skills are certainly focused on the literary aspect (hence the name), and is the differentiating factor with the tasks and application in the course in comparison to other English subjects.

Where can I find more information about English Literary Studies?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: