Further Study Skills

Why should I study Further Study Skills?

Further Study Skills is a course developed to help students build the skills they require to engage meaningfully in SACE and further education. Although a majority of students transition to this course after the New Arrivals Program, there are no pre-requisites. The Further Study Skills program covers six subjects in total: English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Humanities and Work Readiness. These subjects are designed to give students the opportunity to build on their study skills in a variety of classroom settings. Those considering joining our program typically look to improve their skills before entering SACE Stage 1.

Where does Further Study Skills lead?

Further Study Skills is centred on preparing students to transition to SACE Stage 1, but the skills can be transferred to study in general. Over six months to a year, students will develop their skills to continue into Stage 1 effectively with the skills required to succeed. Further Study Skills helps students to develop their organisation, computing and analytical skills to be successful in further study.

What work will I do in Further Study Skills?

What do other students think about Further Study Skills?

I really liked the research report because it helped me to research and write information.


Further Study Skills helped me to get ready for Stage 1 and gave me experience of studying in Australia.


Further Study Skills allowed me to do lots of different subjects and practice my English.


Further Study Skills gave me confidence to study and talk to people. Now, I can do both easily. I improved everything: my skills and my English.


Where can I find more information about Further Study Skills?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: