Gateway 2 IT

Why should I study Gateway 2 IT?

The Gateway 2 IT course will build your skills and knowledge in various areas of information technology. It is aimed at Year 10 students who want a ‘taster’ of the Information Technology (IT) industry, and want to prepare for further study in this area in Stage 1, Stage 2 or VET.

There are huge and growing opportunities in employment in the IT industry, and a great demand for young people to enter this industry. This course starts you off on that journey, as you build your IT base and develop a range of work-related IT skills.

Where does Gateway 2 IT lead?

This course leads to further study in the area of information technology, with pathways into Certificate III in Information Technology or SACE Digital Technologies.

What work will I do in Gateway 2 IT?

In this course, you will learn about cloud computing, cyber security, web development and networking.

Where can I find more information about Gateway 2 IT?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: