Gender Studies

Why should I study Gender Studies?

Gender Studies gives you the opportunity to explore issues confronting women and men. The class is primarily centred around discussions that will increase intercultural understanding as you learn from each other about issues within your own and other cultures. We often wonder why there are such injustices around the world in terms of gender, and in this course you will investigate these injustices.

You will learn about the concept of gender and how it is socially constructed. If you learn about this and understand it, you can resist the injustices and change the ways things work in your own life and beyond.   

Where does Gender Studies lead?

Gender studies will develop your critical thinking skills and ability to question and analyse. These skills are invaluable in our information rich world where traditional careers are changing far more quickly than we can predict. If you are interested in studying humanities at TAFE or university, in research, politics, human rights or media and communications, then this course will be incredibly useful.

What work will I do in Gender Studies?

You will learn about and discuss important concepts like the construction of gender, socialisation, patriarchy, misogyny and empowerment/disempowerment.

There are five assessment tasks which are all inquiry/research based. The way you undertake these tasks is flexible, and often topics can be negotiated with your teacher.

The external assessment is a personal project in which you choose the focus and the presentation.

What do other students think about Gender Studies?

In Gender Studies, I learned to work collaboratively, relax to share gender stories and appreciating each others perspectives regardless of cultural backgrounds. Additionally, it develops my research and literacy skills as the process of research taught me new vocabulary which assisted me with my other subjects.

Student, 2020

I really enjoy learning about different points of view, respecting them and understanding where others are coming from. It is similar to Research Project but it’s deeper and we have discussions all the time.

Student, 2020

The term ‘socialisation’ is the most important thing that I have learnt in this class. It illustrates how we operate within a particular culture and the social expectations that we receive as a particular gender.

Student, 2020

Where can I find more information about Gender Studies?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: