Introduction to Coding

Why should I study Introduction to Coding?

In today’s highly technical and digital age, coding is considered one of the basic skills which helps to develop understanding in how to work with, and use, the technology around us.

Introduction to Coding develops basic computing and coding skills using Robots and Scratch Visual Program. In this subject, students use ‘DOT and DASH’ robots to learn the basics of block coding. They also use Scratch to develop games that can be published to an online community. Students work individually, as well as in groups, to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively – essential skills for the 21st Century. They gain skills such as sequencing, breaking the problem down into smaller steps, and perseverance. Additionally, students will also use Word and presentation packages to write and produce electronic documentation.

This course is useful for students as an entry-level to learning introductory coding or developing digital skills. Coding is a skill-set that students could use for a future career, and it can help in other subjects too (as coding can improve ‘soft skills’ such as problem solving and perseverance). It is a semester-length course, providing 10 Stage 1 SACE credits.

Where does Introduction to Coding lead?

Successful completion of this course can lead into other Information Technology courses:

What work will I do in Introduction to Coding?

Students will:

  • create and design small block programs using DASH Robots
  • create games using Scratch visual coding (Block Coding)
  • write reports, design briefs and reflections

What do other students think about Introduction to Coding?

Overall, I think that this course is very important and useful and I learnt things that I never knew before. I learnt how to work with robots and how to write code using “block coding”. The most important thing in this course is to think in different ways – it makes us understand the technology around us. Coding is a fundamental skill and is important for us to improve our problem-solving skills, especially in areas of education. Apart from robots, I also learnt the program ‘Scratch’. In Scratch, I learnt how to make games and programs and it is very useful. The things I like most in this course are problem-solving and programming robots. I found this course easy and interesting.

Maqsuda, 2020

The course work was good for students beginning their learning in IT-related courses. I liked being able to play around with ‘Dash’ and trying to figure out block coding on it. I found all of the tasks enjoyable and went through the class with ease. I enjoyed learning how to make games on the computer, although I would get frustrated at times! I also really enjoyed working with other students in this class – it allowed us to strengthen communication to achieve desired results. Overall, I found the course to be very inviting from the beginning and would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting a taste of what the ICT world holds.

Jared, 2020

Where can I find more information about Introduction to Coding?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: