Introduction to IT Support

Why should I study Introduction to IT Support?

This course has been developed for students who wish to gain skills and knowledge required to provide advice and support to clients including technical support information. Students will also learn the client service skills for providing frontline technical support and skills to extend critical and creative thinking to generate solutions for workplace problems in a team environment.

This course also provides the required skills and knowledge to engage in a basic, ongoing review and research of industry-specific technologies to identify and apply ICT technologies and techniques to improve aspects of an organisation’s activities.

Where does Introduction to IT Support lead?

This course is an introductory course for students who want to work within ICT environments to provide frontline technical support, diagnose technical problems and determine solutions

What work will I do in Introduction to IT Support?

Students complete the following units of competency:

ICTSAS212 Develop solutions for basic ICT malfunctions and problems

ICTSAS212 Record the requirements of client support requests

ICTICT219 Interact and resolve queries with ICT clients

BSBCRT201 Develop and apply thinking and problem solving skills

Where can I find more information about Introduction to IT Support?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: