Reading Skills

Why should I study Reading Skills?

Conversation and pronunciation (speaking skills) are important for all students learning English as an additional language.  This subject will make communication easier in the classroom, community and workplace. 

Where does Reading Skills lead?

Being able to speak English clearly and confidently is important in all areas of study, work and life in Australia.

What work will I do in Reading Skills?

This course focuses on pronunciation of Australian English, and developing confidence in speaking, both formally and informally. Help is given to overcome individual pronunciation difficulties during discussions and group conversation activities. Assessment is done through a range of tasks including interviewing, debating, giving oral presentations, and students reflecting on their own performance.

What do other students think about Reading Skills?

Now I have more confidence to talk to other people because we do a lot of talking in class. Some sounds in English are hard for me to say and this class helps me improve my pronunciation.


I love being in this class. My teacher is lovely, has a good ability to attract students’ attention to the class and make them willing to learn about the course. Every lesson we learn new words and get more fluent in pronouncing words.


Where can I find more information about Reading Skills?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: