Research Project A

Why should I study Research Project A?

Research Project is a requirement if you wish to complete your SACE.

This subject gives you the opportunity to study an area of interest. It will require the use of your creativity and initiative as you conduct your research. You will gain knowledge and skills in how to assess information and make judgements about it. It will also allow you to develop independent learning skills that will be useful whether you go into work or further studies.  

Where does Research Project A lead?

Studying this course will contribute towards your ATAR. It will give you invaluable research, report writing and analytical skills required for studying at university.

What work will I do in Research Project A?

This subject allows you to choose a topic you are interested in, and then discover more about it. You will learn valuable skills that help you look at resources of many different types to discover, and judge if the information is useful, high quality, and not ‘fake news’. You can investigate a range of different secondary resources and make your own surveys, interviews and other primary research to learn more about your chosen topic.  

Next, this research will be used to create an ‘outcome’, to present your findings. This could be in many forms, including written, visual, or multimedia. You get to choose the best way to show people what you found out.

Finally, you will reflect and make judgements about what you have presented and achieved in your research project. The focus of this review is about your skills and knowledge as a researcher and the challenges and opportunities you found through the year.

What do other students think about Research Project A?

Now that I am at university, I understand why Research Project is a compulsory subject. At university, in every subject I have to write some kind of report. The knowledge and skills I gained from doing Research Project last year have assisted me heaps this year. For example, referencing was one of my strengths which I developed mostly in Research Project class.

I used my source analysis skills I developed last year to evaluate the sources I had used in one of my engineering technical reports which was worth 15% of the assignment. The outcome from last year’s Research Project taught me how to structure and write the main body of my reports. If you have done Research Project, you will have no issue writing reports at uni.

Where can I find more information about Research Project A?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: