Special Interest Academy

Why should I join the Special Interest Academy?

In the Special Interest Academy you complete SACE and/or VET qualifications at the same time as pursuing your passions, interests and commitments, be they entrepreneurial, dancing, sporting, music or performing arts.

Where does the Special Interest Academy lead?

The Special Interest Academy allows students to complete their SACE and follow their dreams. Students in the program are following a range of pathways in the performing arts and sport. The program is flexible and allows students to choose from subjects that meet their interests and career aspirations. This includes gaining an ATAR if students choose to. It also provides them time during the week to train in the specialist pathway of their choice.

What work will I do in Special Interest Academy?

The number of subjects and work you do will depend upon your special interest, commitments, VET credits, Recognition of Community Learning and future aspirations.

Typically in Stage 1 you will study Mathematics, Science, English, Society and Culture, Personal Learning Plan (PLP) (if required) and other subjects of interest.

In Stage 2 you will do Research Project and subjects of your choice related to your area of special interest.

What do other students think about the Special Interest Academy?

The quote below is from a parent of one of our students:

It’s so nice when the hours of hard work and commitment and learning of dance can actually count towards a young person’s schooling instead of having to compete with it. In our experience the partnership with Thebarton Senior College has never compromised the academic side either – I would say my daughter has thrived even more academically than she would have been able to if ‘juggling’ school vs ‘balancing’ it with dance. Considering how much life skills, growth, purpose and wellbeing dance has brought to her formative years, I am so very grateful this option was available vs having to give dance up or scale it back. I think my daughter is a happier, more balanced and grounded person for the mix of education she’s been fortunate enough to access. The adult learning environment is liberating and refreshing. The staff and teachers are amazing -dedicated, knowledgeable, up-to-date, enthusiastic, encouraging and experienced. As a parent of a committed dance student I would highly recommend this.


Where can I find more information about the Special Interest Academy?

For more detail about the package and subjects involved: