Sport and Fitness

Why should I study Sport and Fitness?

This subject is based on major practical activities such as badminton, basketball and volleyball. A variety of other sports are included to give you a wider range of sport experiences. You will develop various techniques, skills, strategies and teamwork. Through doing these activities you will also learn about various fitness factors, and how to plan and undertake a fitness program. This subject will also help you develop coaching skills and knowledge.

Practical lessons will involve small-group practices and competitive games, plus regular fitness activities. You will complete written or multi-modal assessment tasks to show what you have learnt. Your ability to conduct a basic coaching session is also assessed.

Where does Sport and Fitness lead?

This subject provides skills and knowledge that lead to Stage 2 Physical Education or Stage 2 Health Science.

What work will I do in Sport and Fitness?

What do other students think about Sport and Fitness?

In Sport and Fitness, I learnt a lot about the rules, techniques and science-side of how our body works while playing sports, such as basketball, badminton, cricket and volleyball. Each lesson I gained information about these sports and had fun playing them with other students. Trying to be active in all activities helped me learn new skills and improve the skills I already had as I love playing sport. As well, I had the opportunity to demonstrate my coaching skills and get feedback from the teacher to continuously improve.


Where can I find more information about Sport and Fitness?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: