Web Development

Why should I study Web Development?

This Stackable VET option will provide students with an opportunity to explore the development of simple web pages and sites through the use of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Students will practice building websites using front end development techniques via HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They will gain the knowledge and skills to manipulate and optimize images for use in the sites they create and they will gain experience in comparing, configuring and using different types of social networking tools and applications to increase web presence.

Where does Web Development lead?

Upon successful completion of these units, students may wish to pursue work within IT environments to provide basic website administration, or to continue with further study in the Certificate III in Information Technology.

What work will I do in Web Development?

Students will complete the following units of competency:

ICTWEB304 – Build simple web pages

ICTWEB305 – Produce digital images for the web

What do other students think about Web Development?

In Web Development, we learnt about a lot of different web-based concepts, from how to build simple web pages to how to make sure images are formatted correctly for use in a web browser. I most enjoyed the unit on social media and how to use this to direct traffic to a web page – there were things you can do with Instagram that I never knew were possible.

Where can I find more information about Web Development?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: