Video Transcript

Welcome to the Business faculty at Thebarton Senior College.

The range of Business topics available at Thebarton Senior College will provide you with valuable skills and understandings that will help you to be successful in the world of work.

In some of our business subjects you will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with successful Adelaide entrepreneurs working with them to understand how business works in a local context and to develop your skills in running your own business.

You will also learn how to effectively navigate computer and software programs that are relevant to a career in business and the VET Business Certificate also provides nationally accredited vocational training.

Business in a Thebarton in context involves you learning by doing. You will do this by using design thinking tools and planning processes that range from learning how to use programs that will support you and getting a job right through to working as a consultant to solve complex problems for real-world entrepreneurs.

VET courses prepare you with the skills and knowledge to build a career in business and office administration and across all business subjects you will learn essential ICT skills.

Studying business provides pathways and skills to work in a broad range of occupations, this might be as an accountant, lawyer or human resources manager or in an office setting as a receptionist, office administrator or personal assistant.

Business subjects can also provide you with a much deeper understanding of how businesses run a range of dynamic skill sets highly valued by employers and a pathway to owning your own business or studying business further at university.

We hope you choose to join us by studying a Business subject at Thebarton Senior College.

Subjects and Courses in Business

If you have questions about this learning area, please contact the faculty leader.