Gateway 2 Screen and Media

Why should I study Gateway 2 Screen and Media?

Gateway 2 Screen and Media is directed at year 10 students contemplating future studies in screen and media and the entertainment design pathway developed with CDW Studios. This course focuses on developing fundamental skills needed to continue this pathway. You will learn the essentials of digital painting using Photoshop and how to follow the design processes. You will produce conceptual works and how learn how to present them in a portfolio. This course provides you with opportunities to participate in CDW workshops and meet industry professionals.

Through­out the pro­gram, CDW Stu­dios pro­vide sup­port through resources and run­ning work­shops for stu­dents. Togeth­er we’re proud to pro­vide an inno­v­a­tive pro­gram that gives stu­dents greater oppor­tu­ni­ties and a head start in the industry.

Students may choose this subject if they are interested in pathways leading to this industry, or those who enjoy creating digital art or design works that want to further their knowledge and practical skills.

This course prepares students with the core skills needed to excel in the CUA31015 Certificate III in Screen and Media and CUA41215 Certificate IV in Screen and Media.

Where does Gateway 2 Screen and Media lead?

This subject gives you a taste for digital art and design and the type of work that is included in the Screen and Media certificates. You will learn the basic skills of digital painting and design to give you a head start into the Certificate III and/or IV in Screen and Media or other creative arts subjects at Stage 1 and/or 2. This subject is the first step into career pathways such as: visual effects artist, 2D or 3D animator, character designer, creature designer, 3D modeller, composition, illustrator, comic book artist.

Please visit the CUA31015 Certificate III in Screen and Media and CUA41215 Certificate IV in Screen and Media page for more information on this career pathway.  

What work will I do in Gateway 2 Screen and Media?

This course is designed to develop core skills in digital painting and design. Students will study the basic fundamentals such as digital painting methods and techniques, perspective, lighting and the creative design process.

Successful completion of the course will give you the following Stackable VET competencies;

  • CUADIG202 Develop digital imaging skills
  • CUAPAI201 Develop painting skills

Where can I find more information about Gateway 2 Screen and Media?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: