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What is Art? Art is a universal language that inspires.

Studying Arts at Thebarton gives you freedom, freedom to express yourself and freedom to create what you dream of. While learning at Thebarton you will be supported to evoke emotion and new ideas in your audience. You will develop your own creative process to create what you’re passionate about and achieve your dreams.

Our teachers will support you on your journey as an artist and help you to develop your inner creativity.

Our flexible courses give you the opportunity to learn in a range of ways in areas such as Design, Photography, Video Production, Visual and Performing Arts.

We also have programs that are designed to support you in your creative endeavours outside of the college. These programs will allow you to achieve tertiary admissible SACE credits for your extracurricular activities, such as, dance and musical theatre programs and more.

The skills you build within your chosen field at Thebarton will enable you to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours develop and shape new ideas and solve problems creatively. We encourage you to think in new ways about the world and find out what appeals to your audience.

Are you dreaming big? Create at Thebarton.

SACE Subjects in The Arts

VET Certificates in The Arts

If you have questions about this learning area, please contact the faculty leader.

Nima Valamanesh

Nima Valamanesh