Entertainment Design

Why should I study Entertainment Design?

Entertainment Design gives you the opportunity for specialised study within the discipline of Entertainment Design such as the development of Characters, Environments, Creatures, Comic Book, 3D Modelling, Sculpting, Storyboarding, Digital Painting, Graphic Design, Props and Costumes.

Where does Entertainment Design lead?

Thebarton Senior College is work­ing close­ly with CDW Stu­dios to pre­pare stu­dents to work in the Enter­tain­ment Design indus­try and/or undertake further studies in visual design.

This subject pro­vides path­ways for fur­ther edu­ca­tion, such as the Bach­e­lor of Cre­ative Arts (Visu­al Effects and Entertain­ment Design) at Flinders Uni­ver­si­ty, run in con­junc­tion with CDW Studios. This leads students into career pathways such as: visual effects artist, 2D or 3D animator, character designer, creature designer, 3D modeller, composition, illustrator and comic book artist.

What work will I do in Entertainment Design?

You will undertake a Specialised Skills task to develop your knowledge and practical skills within your area of focus.

You will utilise your skills within the Design Process and Solution to produce a product of your choice.

What do other students think about Entertainment Design?

Studying Stage 2 Entertainment Eesign helped further expand my fundamental art and design skills. We had the opportunity to make our own briefs and have complete agency over the topic(s) of our assignments. Being able to explore my own creative processes, create pieces that I personally wanted to produce, and be free with my artistic choices helped me focus on and refine my personal creative arts practices.


Participating in SACE Stage 2 Entertainment Design was an experience that enriched my understanding of the industry. It introduced me to career paths I didn’t know existed and made it possible for me to reach them. I enjoyed meeting new people in this subject and connecting with them about our passions. This included helping each other in our development and exchanging ideas that continue to inspire me. This class expanded my knowledge of entertainment design and instilled a lasting appreciation for all aspects of the field. As I move forward, I am excited to apply the skills and insights gained from this class to pursue a meaningful and fulfilling career in entertainment design.


Where can I find more information about Entertainment Design?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: