Design, Technology and Engineering

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Design, Technology and Engineering is fundamentally about converting ideas and raw materials into the products that we all need and use every day of our lives.

Everything around us has been designed; from the User Interface of the latest Digital Apps for the cars we drive, the submarines and ships we build and the buildings we visit, live, and work in. They all have been designed and they all have been made.

At Thebarton DTE provides you with an opportunity to explore ideas and to design and make things that solve problems. You’ll learn how to use tools, machines, equipment, systems to create designs and you’ll work with a range of materials.

DTE programs will help you with your career opportunities in Advanced Manufacturing and encourage and focus on Design, Technology, Engineering, Science and Maths. Many students love the beauty of numbers and many students love experimenting in Science, what DTE does, is bring those subjects together for you to be able to be creative, to try new things, to apply those numbers and the Science Principles and produce a real physical thing. Your literacy, numeracy, computer skills and scientific knowledge will be practically applied across all the stages of learning in DTE

Last year, Engineering, Manufacturing, Innovation Industry sectors were together worth 74 billion dollars employing six hundred thousand people working in seventy thousand businesses.

Thinking about the future careers, be aware that Design, Technology and Engineering subjects will open the doors to many opportunities in the innovation industries.

SACE Subjects in Design, Technology and Engineering

VET Certificates in Design, Technology and Engineering

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Nima Valamanesh

Nima Valamanesh