Why should I study Design?

Design (Creative Arts) is flexible allowing you to study any type of design that you are interested in. This subject focuses on developing your practical skills within your focus area of design and using them to produce your own self-directed product.

Learning about design helps you in varied aspects of your life and studies as you learn how to apply Design Elements and Principles in order to make your work look organised and professional. Through this subject, you will improve your understanding of problems and finding solutions for them – the solutions you make might be ones we look at, wear, live in or use depending upon your interest, but the skills you develop are widely useful.

Focus areas of design

Where does Design lead?

There are a range of pathways that this subject can lead to, depending on your interest and focus. This course will help you develop your own Creative Arts practice to continue to be a freelance artist or designer, or lead you to tertiary study (with TAFE or University) in areas of Creative Arts, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Costume Design, Entertainment Design, Animation/VFX, Photography and Motion Graphics Design.

What work will I do in Design?

In this subject you will have the opportunity to focus on specific practical skills and techniques that you want to learn and use for your creative works. You will study the works, processes and techniques of other design practitioners to help you understand the process of design.

You will learn and apply this creative design process to produce your own creative works.

What do other students think about Design?

This is a great subject where students can develop their creativity and gain the skills for their future study and career. I developed an architectural model in the class with the help and support from my lovely teachers and friends. I love the friendly and supportive study environment here and would recommend this subject for future Thebby students.

Karen, Student 2019

Where can I find more information about Design?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: