Fashion Accessories

Why should I study Fashion Accessories?

Do you like creating?

Do you like fashion?

Do you want to know how to form new and recycled materials into fashionable accessories such as, earrings, trinket bowls, wall hangings, pots and pendants?

Then this is the course for you!

Where does Fashion Accessories lead?

This subject provides a flexible framework that encourages you to be creative, innovative, and enterprising in your chosen designs. Fashion Accessories incorporates the transfer of interdisciplinary skills and knowledge and promotes personalised and research-based learning.

This subject will give you skills which can lead into subjects such as Fashion & Costume Design, Design, Creative Arts, and Jewellery Making.

What work will I do in Fashion Accessories?

In Fashion Accessories you’ll apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills while using different technologies and materials to address design problems and challenges.

The course focuses on design processes and safe and sustainable use of materials, while encouraging you to grow your abilities through ‘trial and error’. This means you will investigate and experiment with different materials to suit the designs you create and will be encouraged to work sustainably and to share your cultural heritage through your designs and creations.

What do other students think of Fashion Accessories?

Information to come.

Where can I find more information about Fashion Accessories?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: