Why should I study Photography?

In Photography you will learn how to use a range of camera and composition techniques that will help you improve the quality of your photographs. Photography is a subject that lets you be creative while teaching you skills that can be transferred to all areas of art and design. Within this subject you will develop and refine your practical skills and apply them to a product.

Where does Photography lead?

By completing Stage 1 Photography you will be able to continue into many different areas of study such as Videography, Digital Art and Design, along with Creative and Visual Arts. It will also give you the foundation to continue Photography into Stage 2.

By completing Stage 2 Photography, there are a variety of tertiary or professional pathways on offer. This subject can lead into pathways within a range of industry contexts including commercial, illustrative, media, wedding, domestic portrait and art photography. To continue building on your skills, a variety of study options are available such as:

  • Various short courses at TAFE SA/Adelaide College of the Arts such as ‘Basic Photography and Editing’ and ‘Introduction to Flash Photography’
  • Certificate III in Visual Arts (Focus on Photography)
  • Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging
  • Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Focus on Photography)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Photography)

What work will I do in Photography?

Stage 1 Photography is made up of two assessments which are broken up into four folios as required by SACE. In Assessment 1, you create two skills folios where you develop your work to show your understanding of different camera techniques and composition styles. In Assessment 2, you create a Design folio and a Solution folio. In the Design folio you get to design your own photographic style and theme through research and experimentation. For the Solution folio you collate your best images which fit the design brief created in the Design folio and write an evaluation. In all steps along the way, there is research and analysis that is required by SACE.

Stage 2 Photography is designed to help you develop your personal photographic skills. You will undertake two skill assessments that will further your camera and compositional skills, as well as broaden and further develop your Photoshop skills. You will follow the Design Process to produce a ‘product’ that is self-directed to allow you to focus on your photographic interests. Additionally, you will learn how to correctly print your photographs and investigate how your photography impacts ethical, legal, economic and sustainability issues. 

What do other students think about Photography?

Through my experience in Photography, I enjoyed meeting new friends and we enjoyed taking pictures of each other for our assessment. We also discussed and analysed our photos in a report. Also, I learnt how to use Photoshop and take pictures from different angles, then choose the best image. Moreover, I learnt different types of photography and the kind of photography that I like. My advice to every student who wants to study this subject is to have a love for photography and the camera, because you will have difficulty writing reports if you do not have the love to do it. Finally, you can ask the teacher about anything you want to know, it will help you a lot.


Where can I find more information about Photography?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: