Engineering Program

Why should I study the Engineering Program?

There has been a huge expansion in jobs in the engineering and manufacturing industry in Australia recently. South Australia has picked up multi-billion-dollar contracts for building ships and submarines for the next 30 to 50 years. This is creating jobs in engineering and related industries.

These jobs are high-tech, driven by computing, often using large-scale technology and innovative digital designs. There is already a shortage of people going into these jobs. Conditions and pay for many of these jobs is substantial, and the work offers exciting, rewarding and stable career opportunities in university and/or apprenticeship pathways.

Thebarton Senior College has developed a package of subjects that help you develop the maths, science and CAD/CAM/design skills that are needed for a high-tech engineering pathway. We’ve consulted with industry and used the best advice available to build work-ready skills that lead to job vacancies.

Where does the Engineering Program lead?

The program has been designed to allow the highest level of choice: students can exit the program with competitive ATARs for university pathways or SACE completion with links to trade apprenticeships. The practical elements of the course compliment both streams through hands-on experiences and industry-approved immersion activities.

Large engineering firms often offer extension studies for those with trade qualifications for those who want to work while studying towards their engineering qualification.

The program features Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) as a prominent feature to equip students for industry demands, using innovative digital solutions for modern engineering problems.

What work will I do in the Engineering Program?

All out-of-school elements of this program are fully-funded, including uniform and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). You’ll experience a high-challenge, high-expectation atmosphere combined with intensive mentoring and high levels of support to enable you to become leaders of engineering.

Industry connections are built into learning experiences and assessments that connect your learning with authentic engineering contexts, in both practical and theory work.

The subjects recommended are:

Apprenticeship / traineeship pathway University pathway
Stage 1
Semester 1
Employability Skills (Integrated Learning) / Essential English A
Certificate II in Engineering Pathways (one day)
General Maths (including Mathematics A topics)
Scientific Studies
Elective subject: Mathematics B (3 lessons)
Stage 1
Semester 2
Design & Technology – CAD/CAM Project
Career Exploration Program (Workplace Practices) / Essential English B
Certificate II in Engineering Pathways (one day)
General Maths (including Mathematics C topics)
Scientific Studies (2 lessons)
Elective subject: Specialist Maths
Stage 2 Engineering Skills Program (Cross-disciplinary Studies – STEM project)
Research Project (industry context)
General Maths or Maths Methods
Workplace Practices or elective subject
2nd elective subject (if required for ATAR)
Maths Methods
Specialist Maths

Where can I find more information about the Engineering Program?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: