Video Production

Why should I study Video Production?

Video Production looks at the capturing and editing of video which will help you learn skills in planning, solving problems and creating a media form. You look at production processes, potential challenges and solutions when working in the creative industry.

The products you create in this subject could vary from cooking tutorials, pop-culture/ meme-like videos, through to short stories, documentaries or music videos.

A Stage 1 student’s final product in 2019

Where does Video Production lead?

Understanding the process of creating film can lead to further study in VET/TAFE (a certificate of Screen and Media), at University (Bachelor of Media Arts) or at other institutions such as SA Film Corporation.

Beyond further study, by having experience using vision and sound equipment, you can use your skills by volunteering at community radio stations, Channel 44 or checking with MRC. Volunteering may lead to future jobs without further study such as the careers of Hamish and Andy and many other Australian entertainment industry workers.

What work will I do in Video Production?

You will learn about cameras, sound and editing to develop your skills. You may also look at things such as costuming, lighting, settings and story boarding, depending upon your interests.

You will also learn about the different ways to plan, produce and evaluate your finished products.

What do other students think about Video Production?

The script was essential in helping me outline the plotline and scene sequences, and added clarity to an already chaotic based storyline. I learnt a lot of new skills through simply going out into the environment and ‘shooting’. The overall outcome of my product was successful in the message I wanted to portray and by making certain mistakes, it has allowed me to grow as a film maker and analyst.

Stage 2 student 2019

I have learned editing with Premiere Pro and using the camera settings and practical knowledge (planning and research for impact statement and investigation) from making my video project. These skills will be kept and applied for my future projects for better results.

Stage 2 Student 2019

Where can I find more information about Video Production?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: