Journalism and Media

Why should I study Journalism and Media?

Journalism and Media prepares students with the digital literacy skills needed to be successful in a world defined by those with vested interests and artful methods of persuasion. In this subject, students are taught how to think critically about different forms of media including video games, film, TV, internet spaces and other forms of media (including social media). In an age where fake news, misinformation and disinformation are rife, knowing how you’re being manipulated is a key skill in navigating the treacherous waters of society.

Journalism and Media prepares students for a journalism pathway through looking at how media products are created by those with vested interests for specific goals and how the messages of these goals influence public opinion.

Students will learn to identify the credibility, bias and validity of media sources as well as create a variety of media products for a range of purposes and audiences. These could include products such as documentaries, internet advertising campaigns, short films, photography-based projects and more.

Where does Journalism and Media lead?

Further study:

  • University Bachelor Degrees (eg Media Arts/Studies, Arts, Creative Arts, Journalism)

This subject will prepare you for work in communication and media, eg social media, marketing, journalism, film, advertising and gaming.

What work will I do in Journalism and Media?

You will learn to look at media (in all its forms) with a critical eye – by creating videos, banners, articles, social media posts etc, and investigating and analysing media.

Student work from 2019

What do other students think about Journalism and Media?

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Where can I find more information about Journalism and Media?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: