Music Experience

Why should I study Music Experience?

Music Experience is a subject that will allow you to increase your knowledge and understanding of music. It will help you to develop skills with music theory and practice. If you love listening to music and want to understand more about how music works, and learn how to create your own original music and perform music, Music Experience will help you to develop these skills.

Please note that Music Experience is not a course of instrumental tuition, and you need to already have some knowledge of how to play an instrument or sing before you enrol in this subject. You cannot learn to play an instrument through doing this subject.

Where does Music Experience lead?

Music Experience will help you to develop the foundations for further study in music. It will give you experience in performance and writing original music as well as critically analysing music, and you can use this knowledge to do further music study or work towards a career in the music industry.

What work will I do in Music Experience?

Music Experience is based on understanding music, responding to music, and creating music. In understanding music, you will develop critical listening skills and learn the vocabulary to discuss music and analyse it in detail. Responding to music gives you the opportunity to learn from the artists who inspire you. Creating music has two main parts – performance and composition. You will be assessed on a music performance, so to do this subject you need to be able to play an instrument or sing. Composition means you will write your own music, so this is a very creative part of the course. Music writing is done using software so you do not need to know how to read music to create something original and inspiring.

Listen to a sample of a student’s music composition task.

What do other students think about Music Experience?

Stage 1 Music Experience really helped me get my basics for music theory down, and I had a great time making music on GarageBand which has led me to want to study a Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production) after year 12.

Stage 1 Music Experience student

I really enjoyed learning to use software, being creative with songs, and doing a performance because it helped me to improve my skills.

Stage 1 Music Experience student

Where can I find more information about Music Experience?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: