Why should I study Biology?

Biology gives you an insight into life, living organisms and the world around you. It is great to have a deeper understanding about the human body and how it functions. Biology has a strong focus on the environment and how living things interact with each other. This short poem sums it up beautifully:

Within me you’ll find life’s beauty,
From genetics to ecology.
Symbiosis and not division,
Unless it’s mitosis or the study of fission.
Even if you don’t pass, you’ll enjoy my class.
Evolution has brought us along,
All species singing one song.

Where does Biology lead?

  • Stage 1 Biology leads to:
    • Stage 2 Scientific Studies (Health Science)
    • Stage 2 Biology
    • Stage 2 Nutrition
  • Stage 2 Biology leads to:
    • General Sciences, Healthcare, Medicine, Agriculture

What work will I do in Biology?

You will:

  • plan, conduct, and evaluate experiments
  • investigate the impact that scientists and science have on society
  • complete topic tests and a final exam

What do other students think about Biology?

I found Biology enjoyable and easy to understand.

Biology provided great opportunities to discuss issues in groups.

In Biology we regularly answer review questions in small groups, which means we can get everyone’s opinion on how to phrase the answer in the way that’s going to get us marks.

Where can I find more information about Biology?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: