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Welcome to Science at Thebarton Senior College.

Science is all about curiosity and asking questions and trying to find answers and explain how things work. One of our core values at Thebarton Senior College is innovation, and this is particularly evident in the Science area. Science helps us to broaden our appreciation and understanding of the world.

It equips us with excellent problem-solving capabilities and a whole range of transferable skills. In science we make predictions, we test ideas and we analyse the evidence to allow us to make sense of the world that we live in.

We explore science through the three strands of science understanding, inquiry skills and science as a human endeavour.

At the college we have a range of different science options whether you’re interested in Health and the human body, how the world works, or the natural and chemical sciences; there’s a science for you you.

Subjects in Science

If you have questions about this learning area, please contact the faculty leader.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones