Health Science

Why should I study Health Science?

To develop your:

  • science inquiry skills
  • critical thinking skills
  • creative thinking skills
  • collaborative skills
  • scientific communication skills

Where does Health Science lead?

Stage 1 Health Science (Entry) leads to Stage 1 Health Science A and/or B.

Stage 1 Health Science A and/or B leads to:

Stage 2 Health Science leads to further study in General Sciences and Allied Health.

What work will I do in Health Science?

You will:

  • conduct practical investigations: disease control, food testing, probiotics
  • undertake scientific research: skeletal abnormalities, cardiovascular diseases, diets
  • plan, conduct, and evaluate experiments individually and in small groups: exercise physiology, reaction time
  • investigate the impact that scientists and science have on society: lifestyle diseases, vaccines, technologies that assist, cells

What do other students think about Health Science?

I liked the freedom to make decisions. But there were constraints… we need constraints because otherwise we’d go crazy.

I learned to ask questions. Also, asking [the right] questions is hard.

It has taught and allowed me to work effectively with my peers.

Allows me to work on my own ideas.

I made new friends by working in my team.

I look forward to this class, and it has helped me do other science subjects too, like Biology.

It has taught me valuable research and scientific writing skills.

Where can I find more information about Health Science?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: