Health and Wellbeing

Why should I study Health and Wellbeing?

In Health and Wellbeing, you will learn about the factors that influence the health and wellbeing of both yourself and others, through exploring the roles of individuals, communities, and governments. You will develop the knowledge and skills required to make informed decisions about your own health, and explore ways to promote health within the community. You are encouraged to share and listen to other points of view, and reflect on your learning; helping you develop your skills in communication, group work and ethical understanding. Topics covered include mental health, indigenous health, migrant health, youth health, sexual health, healthy eating and exercise.

Students enjoy Health and Wellbeing because there is a lot of room for creativity, you get to explore topics of interest to you and come up with your own ideas and unique solutions.

In the past, students have enjoyed speaking with people in the community and having the opportunity to learn from others. There are lots of chances for reflection and to build on your own health too! In Health and Wellbeing, we have a lot of fun and there is a topic of interest for everyone. We hope to see you in a Health and Wellbeing class soon!

Where does Health and Wellbeing lead?

Stage 1 Health and Wellbeing is a pathway to Health and Wellbeing at Stage 2. The knowledge and understanding developed through this subject could also be applied to the following career pathways:

  • Social Work
  • Health Care
  • Community Services
  • Teaching or SSO Work

Alternatively, you could study this subject if you are interested in improving your own health and wellbeing or want to be a more effective member of the community!

What work will I do in Health and Wellbeing?

You will participate in a range of learning activities and assessment types. You will learn how to write reports, present oral presentations and take part in community activities. A big part of Health and Wellbeing is working with others; therefore, you will engage in group work with both your classmates and people from the local community.

This course has a strong focus on primary data, accordingly you will have the opportunity to conduct surveys and interviews, and speak with members of the community about their experience of working in health. Drawing on these experiences, you will explore areas of health that are of interest to you by conducting your own in-depth research.

What do other students think about Health and Wellbeing?

I chose Health for two reasons, Firstly, it allows me to learn about human body issues, and be more aware of the issues and the way we can cope with it, secondly, Health is fun and enjoyable subject to engage in.

I like being able to pick my own topics that I am interested in and research information that is important to me and my health.

I enjoy exploring things about mental health in young people, Indigenous people etc. Another interesting aspect is trying some new techniques e.g. mindfulness, and mental health challenge to improve the mental health.

You should choose health because it is interesting, flexible and teaches you important skills to take care of your own health.

Where can I find more information about Health and Wellbeing?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: