Essential Science

Why should I study Essential Science?

In Essential Science you will learn about a range of different sciences in a highly interactive and collaborative environment. Essential Science can involve both research and practical experiences. If you enjoy science but haven’t previously studied a lot in this area, Essential Science is a great first step towards further study.

Where does Essential Science lead?

Essential Science A provides background knowledge useful for Stage 1 Chemistry and Earth and Environmental Science.

Essential Science B provides background knowledge for Physics and Coding.

Essential Science (Entry) provides background knowledge for Physics and Chemistry.

What work will I do in Essential Science?

In Essential Science you should be prepared for:

  • using technology
  • collaborative work
  • practical report writing
  • developing research skills
  • creating info graphics

What do other students think about Essential Science?

I first chose Essential Science because I didn’t know what else to choose. I found that I really enjoyed working with others and investigating and experimenting in science. I choose to study Earth and Environmental Science at Stage 2 after studying Essential Science. I am now studying a Bachelor of Science (Mineral Geology) at the University of Adelaide.

Ibrahim (former TSC student)

Where can I find more information about Essential Science?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: