Why should I study Chemistry?

Chemistry is a fundamental science that can increase your understanding of many of the other sciences such as Biology and Physics.

Stage 1 Chemistry is for students who are curious about what materials are made from on a molecular level, and who enjoy studying the Periodic Table and chemical reactions at a year 10 level.

In Stage 2 Chemistry, you will develop your Stage 1 Chemistry knowledge further, as well as having new concepts introduced. You should only choose Stage 2 Chemistry if you have completed Stage 1 Chemistry.

Where does Chemistry lead?

Chemistry is often required knowledge for many University courses. It provides a good base level of science knowledge that is essential for further education in wide range of areas including: Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, Forensic Science and other science-related disciplines.

What work will I do in Chemistry?

Chemistry includes:

  • thinking and problem solving
  • planning, doing experiments and writing experimental reports
  • researching and writing Science as a Human Endeavour reports
  • solving numerical calculations, reading and interpreting graphs
  • critical and creative thinking
  • collaborative and individual work

What do other students think about Chemistry?

I was interested in studying chemistry because I had done it in my home country, but I found studying it in English challenging. But I have learnt more chemistry knowledge in SACE which I am happy about.

Stage 1 student

Chemistry has become my favourite subject because everything is very interesting to me. We learnt about atoms and molecules interacting. I like the experiments because we put two things together and get an outcome.

Stage 1 student

Chemistry is the study of the fundamental reasons for the existence of things in the world. This knowledge allows me to understand more about the world around me.


Where can I find more information about Chemistry?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: