Why should I study Physics?

Physics helps explain how scientific theories can help people. Through the topics studied, Physics is used to explain natural phenomena, discussing the impact these theories have on many aspects of life and also how these processes can be applied to aid our current understanding and development of technology.

In Stage 1, there are six main topics: Electric Circuits, Heat Waves, Linear Motion, Forces, Energy and Momentum and Nuclear Models and Radioactivity.

In Stage 2, there are three main topics: Motion and Relativity, Electricity and Magnetism and Light and Atoms.

Where does Physics lead?

  • Stage 1
    • Stage 2 Physics (after completing both Physics A and B in Stage 1)
  • Stage 2
    • Further study in Physics at TAFE or University
    • Study of other sciences, engineering and mathematics at a tertiary (university) level

What work will I do in Physics?

Investigation is a key part in learning and understanding Physics concepts. You need to be prepared to research in order to develop and test your own ideas.

The course is divided up into Skills and Applications Tasks (a series of tests and practical tests) and Folio Tasks (where you are asked to complete practicals, a design and deconstruction practical and a Science as a Human Endeavour research task). Stage 2 also includes an external exam worth 30% of the final grade.

Both the summative (graded) and formative (non-graded) tasks in this course require you to develop science inquiry skills, critical and creative thinking skills and scientific communication skills, as there is a heavy emphasis on problem solving, testing ideas and sharing information with others (both through discussions and writing).

What do other students think about Physics?

Physics is a great subject that helps you to explain how the universe works. There is a lot of room to explore ideas that you are interested in. The teachers really encourage you to move into areas that you are passionate about and support you with this work.

2018 TSC Student

Where can I find more information about Physics?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: