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Child Studies

Why should I study Child Studies?

Stage 1 and 2 Child Studies is all about young children, focusing on their health, development and well-being. In child studies, you will explore the first eight years of a child’s life and learn about their growth and development.

You find out about how children grow, eat, play, sleep, learn, socialise, behave and lots more!

By studying children, you can learn more about why they develop the way they do, and effective ways to help them to grow into happy and healthy young people. 

This course has a focus on practicals such as cooking, sewing and making activities.

There is also the opportunity to experience parental responsibilities as you will look after a real care SIM baby over a weekend, learning how to care and respond to a newborn baby’s needs.

You will have written tasks and practical work. There are opportunities to work both independently and collaboratively with other students.

Where does Child Studies lead?

Stage 1 Child Studies is a pathway to Child Studies at Stage 2. You could also apply your learning to an education degree at university or a certificate course in childcare, nursing or community services.

You can also choose Child Studies just because you want to and it is awesome!

What work will I do in Child Studies?

What do other students think about Child Studies?

Child studies has a welcoming class environment. There are a wide variety of assessments such as practical and theory work. I have gained knowledge about using the sewing machine. I enjoyed making baby pyjamas and the experience of caring for the SIM baby.  I would like a career in early childhood or teaching.


I have learnt lots about children, vaccinations, government policies and safe sleeping. I love children and I want to work in childcare. Next year, I will complete the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.


Child studies is a great opportunity to learn about the growth and well-being of children, and gain skills to care for them. I enjoyed the sewing tasks and working with patterns. I have made new friends and it is easy to talk in class with such a welcoming setting.  The group tasks were fun as well.


Where can I find more information about Child Studies?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: