Essential Mathematics

Why should I study Essential Mathematics?

You should choose Essential Mathematics if you want to get better at the mathematics you’ll encounter every day at home and at work. This could help you manage money more powerfully, or make plans for something you are building or making. You’ll develop sharper problem-solving skills that will help your other subjects and your future.

Where does Essential Mathematics lead?

Essential Mathematics provides you with a good base level of mathematics that would be helpful for a career in a wide range of areas, including nursing or health care, trades, education, retail, hospitality or building and construction.

What work will I do in Essential Mathematics?

Essential Mathematics includes:

  • numerical and written questions
  • investigative report writing
  • solving problems with and without a calculator
  • operating a graphic calculator
  • critical and creative thinking
  • collaborative and individual work

What do other students think about Essential Mathematics?

When I first enrolled in Essential Mathematics I was not confident at all. My previous experience with maths had been negative and I found maths very hard. This semester I have really enjoyed Essential Mathematics and have achieved very pleasing results. I have decided to continue on with Essential Mathematics next semester and also into Stage 2.


Where can I find more information about Essential Mathematics?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: