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Welcome to Mathematics at Thebarton Senior College.

We often hear people say that Maths is really important in today’s world and, while that’s certainly the case, it’s not often that we actually take the time to think about what maths actually is Mathematics is. Mathematics is basically a tool that helps us to solve problems, it helps make things real and put a value on things, and that’s why Maths is all around us.

Pretty much all professions involve using Maths in some way, it may be managing budgets at work or at home, or maybe putting plans together in engineering solutions, there’s a need for all of us to have some level of specific maths knowledge.

Studying Maths at Thebarton allows you to keep your options open, and that’s why the team here at the college encourage you to study Maths for as long as you can at the highest level that you can you.

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Mike Jones

Mike Jones