General Mathematics

Why should I study General Mathematics?

General Mathematics is the most effective mathematics course a student can do. It has so many real-life examples and makes the study of mathematics so real. In General Mathematics you will explore, describe and explain aspects of the world around you in a mathematical way. You will learn fundamental concepts, demonstrate mathematical skills and apply routine mathematical procedures, making informed and critical use of electronic technology.

Where does General Mathematics lead?

General Mathematics leads to professions in finance, police, military, business analytics, scientific research and many other professions or trades. It also attracts healthy ATAR points.

What work will I do in General Mathematics?

In General Mathematics, you will cover topics including:

  • Linear Programming and Modelling
  • Matrices and how things change over time
  • Statistics
  • Financial Modelling
  • Discrete Modelling

The assessment for the school-based component is five tests and two mathematical investigations.

There is also an external exam that covers the last three topics.

What do other students think about General Mathematics?

I wasn’t sure if I needed to do maths for the university course that I wanted to study as it wasn’t a prerequisite. I chose to do General Mathematics anyway, to develop my maths skills. This ended up being a great choice as I have learnt a lot more about mathematics that will definitely prepare me for later life.

2019 Student

Where can I find more information about General Mathematics?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: