Mathematics (Entry)

Why should I study Mathematics (Entry)?

This subject is for mid-year exiting New Arrivals Program (NAP) students or Stage 1 students enrolling in the middle of the year, and wanting to study General Mathematics, Mathematics Methods and/or Specialist Mathematics. This subject is designed to prepare students for further study in these mathematics subjects.

Where does Mathematics (Entry) lead?

This subject leads to General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, and Specialist Mathematics in Stage 1. Students may then choose to progress into the Stage 2 equivalent subjects.

Demonstration of possible pathways from NAP to Stage 2

What work will I do in Mathematics (Entry)?

This subject includes a range of topics that prepare students with knowledge and experience for higher-level mathematics courses in Stage 1. It covers the following topics: number and algebra, coordinate geometry, data and statistics.

Students will develop skills and experience writing mathematics reports and answering test questions, and will use technology to find solutions to mathematical problems.

What do other students think of Mathematics (Entry)?

Information to come.

Where can I find more information about Mathematics (Entry)?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: