Specialist Mathematics

Why should I study Specialist Mathematics?

Specialist Mathematics draws on and deepens students’ mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding. It develops skills in using rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs, and developing, using and analysing mathematical models to solve problems. These skills are key to jobs in technology, mathematics, science, engineering, computer science and physical sciences. This subject (at Stage 1 and Stage 2) studied alongside Mathematical Methods is for the designers and innovators of the future – you will build the confidence needed to meet the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly changing world.

Where does Specialist Mathematics lead?

Specialist Mathematics builds on students work in Mathematical Methods and leads to study in a range of tertiary courses such as mathematical sciences, engineering, computer science, and physical sciences. It prepares students for further studies and careers that involve modelling, logical reasoning and analysis using calculus, complex numbers and vectors including Physics, Chemistry, GeoSciences, Geospatial Engineering, Lasers and Photonics, Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering, Astrophysics, Space, Defence Technologies, Biotechnology, Genetics, Health Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology, Big Data, Computer Science, Internet, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

What work will I do in Specialist Mathematics?

Specialist Mathematics is designed to be studied in conjunction with Mathematical Methods. The subject:

  • develops your creative and critical thinking though listening, discussing, reasoning, conjecturing and testing different techniques and strategies
  • develops your logical reasoning and communication of rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs
  • makes connections and builds your problem-solving skills across mathematical theory, practice and developing, using and analysing mathematical models
  • works with graphical and algebraic representations and other mathematical models
  • investigates applications of mathematics and develops your communication skills for presentations and mathematical report writing
  • involves collaborative and individual work


2019 student

I like how our class was always focused.

2019 student

I have rediscovered maths as an interesting and interconnecting subject.

2019 student

Where can I find more information about Specialist Mathematics?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: